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Our facilitators work with you to develop an Individualised Program or Workshop for lasting foundations.

44% of Australians aged between 16 – 85 years old have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder in their lifetime. 


why foundations for freedom?

We want to help

Through our own personal journeys and the countless people we have had the privilege of working with on their pathway to better mental and physical health, our team have seen first hand the transformative nature of tailor-made programs.

Our programs are designed to help awaken your inner dialogue and welcome new habits; gently and safely for lasting results. 

The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimated that 2.1 million Australians, or 9.3 per cent of our population, were suffering from some form of depression. 



If you are seeking a safe and gentle way to increase your social connectedness and welcome hope into your world, our online ‘Foundations For Freedom’ course is the perfect place to start.

A stepping to stone to embrace confidence, further study, communication, connection, and to learn the life skills to embrace new opportunities and goals.
If you’re searching for a private and flexible way to start your psychosocial recovery, Foundations for Freedom are compliant to work with NDIS funded individuals and organisations and cannot wait to have a Wellness Chat with you!

As at 31 December 2021, people with a psychosocial disability formed the third largest primary disability group (53,123 people) among NDIS participants.


Workplace burnout is becoming increasingly common, and often staff mental health and well-being is overlooked. 
Perhaps your staff are struggling with motivation, connection, productivity and general performance? 
Perhaps your team is feeling disconnected from each other and in need of some mindfulness tools to balance their emotional and spiritual health to increase self-awareness and job satisfaction? 
Our Foundation workshops are a fantastic resource to have in your HR toolbox when in need. 
Ready to build a mindful workplace? Book a call to discuss a tailored package!

Globally, an estimated 12 billion working days are lost every year to depression and anxiety at a cost of US$ 1 trillion per year in lost productivity.

Brain Re-Trains

Our Foundation Brain-Retrains is the fastest way to reprogram our subconscious beliefs, and with a nightly commitment as you fall asleep — it couldn’t be any easier to get the results you are seeking to build your desired mind and life!

Our recordings focus on the part of your mind – The Subconscious Mind – that notices and remembers information when you are not actively trying to do so, fact is, it runs 95% of our days! And influences our behaviour even though we do not realise it, and it has our ENTIRE LIVES! 

With your new recording you will remove your old limiting beliefs gently and safely, creating a strong foundation to the new you, in the quickest proven way possible!


Harness Your Potential

Capacity Building Programs

Weekly support and accountability to your best self!

Our Foundations for Freedom course creates foundations from our barriers and self-sabotaging ways, increasing our social skills and giving us practical strategies that emphasise self-acceptance and self-compassion.

Self-care and Self-reflection

Meditations and Mindfulness Techniques

Stress Management Strategies and Activities

Well-being, Movement and Nutrition Advice and Activities

Employability Skills 

Acknowledging and supporting your commitment and every accomplishment along the way!

What you can expect from our programs

Wellness Consultant

Improve your motivation, mental clarity and performance at work with an Indigenous Wellness Consultant, Professional Athletes, Psychologists or Counsellors.

Meditation Teacher

Scientifically proven stress management strategies and mindfulness exercises to help you be present in this challenging world.

Health & Wellness

The only holistic well-being program with reporting and tracking to embrace proven results to long lasting change!

Online and Face to Face Courses

Individualised to your organisations group or personal needs.



What our Past Students Say

‘There’s no way I thought this foundation stuff would work. I screw up everything and give up on everything. But with Karen’s Daily Shopping List and other activities, I have a whole new mind and life, it’s weird! A good weird!’


‘The hardest part was saying yes to start! From an over-thinker who could barely leave the house, to an employed guy with new friends is so strange. I’m really glad I gave it a go.’


‘I cannot believe who I am after this course, I feel brand new and everyone around me keeps asking how I did it! From a depressed couch potato to a whole new me. Everything has changed in my life, literally everything and I felt like I didn’t even try except the little activities each day!’


Organisations we’ve worked with

‘Foundations for Freedom were engaged to provide several wellbeing sessions to WSA staff during RUOK. They are extremely professional in their approach and the service provided is flexible, adapting with us to meet our changing needs. Foundations for Freedoms staff are knowledgeable, confident, and friendly making all interactions positive experiences. All staff that participated in the sessions walked away rejuvenated’.

Western Sydney Airport

‘Karen from Foundations for Freedom regularly joins us as an Indigenous Student Mentor to assist with delivery of our RISE Program Student Engagement Days. Karen’s approach is always professional and caring, with an amazing personal touch and genuine “big sister” vibe towards students. Our staff and students who have worked with Karen have all recorded very positive experiences and she has a great ability to adapt on the run to any situation that arises.’

Aurora Education Foundation

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