Wellness Hub – What it is all About

Foundations for Freedom Wellness Hub is for an individual or organisation to embrace when you are ready and seeking unity within a team, family, or relationship. When we are ready for growth mentally, emotionally and spiritually to increase our productivity, immunity and focus.

We all have a mountain of life and its challenges to climb, we know we need to create stability, embrace diversity, and monitor consistency and we can’t do it alone.

Our wellness hub includes various courses that assists you to gradually build a new way of living, peace of mind, and strict daily habits and structure for success and mental wellness at home and in your workplace.

Current scientific estimates are that some 95 percent of brain activity is unconscious, says Emma Young in New Scientist magazine. These include habits and patterns, automatic body function, creativity, emotions, personality, beliefs and values, cognitive biases, and long-term memory.

Please see below a brief Training Plan on how we gently and safely re-program the unconscious mind through our Wellness Hub, to a brand new you in your relationships, home life and work life!

Our Foundations Course

‘The perfect online course to get me started on my mental health journey. It was simple, slow and I felt comfortable completing it’

NDIS participate.

Foundations for freedom main course creates foundations from our barriers and self-sabotaging ways, welcoming stress management strategies, increasing our social skills and giving us practical strategies that emphasise self-acceptance and self-compassion. 

Our Foundations course includes 3 Certificates acknowledging every accomplishment and your commitment along the way. 

Holistic Wellness Coaching

Holistic Counselling/Consulting/Coaching is nurturing ourselves as a whole being, using positive psychology incorporating our minds, our bodies, our emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects. We are solution focussed and consider all physiological and psychological disorders.

Holistic therapies empower us to discover our healing capacity and a range of activities and exercises are offered during your appointments and throughout your course content.

A holistic counsellor does not judge, or label, though we endeavour to provide information that facilitates your personal journey toward confidence, self-discovery, clarity, peace of mind, and provide resources to solve life’s problems and achieve goals. 

Our intention is to assist you to reach your well-being and mental health goals in a safe and respectful manner to be the balanced, calm, productive and happy person you wish to be.