Karen Sawtell

Hello and Welcome!

I am an experienced educator working with all ages and professionals¬† in high schools, community centres, juvenile justice centres, private colleges and large corporations. Originally an RTO trainer of the Diploma of Beauty therapy, Massage, Community Services, Advanced Meditation, Mental Health, Foundation Skills and Hospitality, I found my real passion was helping people holistically and starting before the course, working on the Foundations…

Mental health isn’t a competition, or a badge of honour. It is the darkest and most loneliest times of our lives, so we work alongside psychologists, counsellors and other holistic practitioners, and confidently deliver these programs to you.

So to connect, grow and learn through our struggles is why Foundations For Freedom exists.

After running my health and wellness business for 12 years, 8 years of training in colleges, hundreds of students, endless stories of success, complete new mental states, lifestyles, and pathways….. Here we are, now offering our online courses and mindfulness classes to everyone in a culturally safe manner.

Thank you for being here, whatever your individual or organisations story may be, I am so grateful this has crossed your path.

Nikki Auckland

I am one your Foundations For Freedom trainers with a background in fitness, nutrition and a passion for helping people thrive!

Knowing first hand how hard it can be to navigate life with anxiety, depression and on going struggles with self esteem, I made it my life’s mission to turn my weaknesses into my strengths.

Fast forward a few years, I have worked with hundreds of women, enabling them to work on their health and fitness while becoming the very best version of themselves.

I bring my knowledge and past experiences to the course to support and nourish the minds and bodies of all those who enter our space.