Foundations Retrain – Smooth Schooling


A 5-minute routine that establishes the foundation to increase confidence, self-worth and allow our children to wake up ready to achieve their goals.


A Subconscious Brain Retrain recording for all students, young and old to increase confidence, self-worth and allow you to wake up with the peace of mind to achieve your goals.

“It’s so funny, I got an award the very next day at school as I just had a better headspace to get the work done, that thing must actually work” ~ Sam ~

“He is a different person, what more could I want then for my boy to walk with his head high” ~ Jenny J. ~

Embrace this new routine as you fall asleep listening to affirmations and use the science of our Theta state to gently reprogram our limiting thoughts and habits towards progress!

With your purchase you receive:

  • Brain Retrain Recording (mp3 File)
  • Brain Retrain Information/Instructions (PDF File)
  • 30 Day Tracking Sheet (PDF File