Foundations Retrain – Balanced Hormones


A 5-minute routine that establishes the foundation of balancing our hormones. Allowing us to have improved energy, ease stress, elevate our moods and allow a deep restful, rejuvenating sleep every night!


Our foundation retrain for Balanced Hormones, focusses on the part of your mind, the subconscious mind, that notices and remembers information when you are not actively trying to do so, and this influences our behaviour even though we do not realise it and it has our entire lives. Fun fact, it actually controls 95% of our days… Shocking right?

So how can we improve our mental health and hormones for progress that is effortless and enjoyable? It all starts with changing those behaviours, let’s retrain the autopilot (your current subconscious programming) and steer our lives in the direction we wish. You know the science, when our brains are in theta state, we can absorb new information and we can change our old programming to the person we wish to become. Balancing our hormones and prioritising our health is something we can work on in the 5 minutes before bed. That our last thought in our minds before bed gets repeated for 4 hours whilst in delta – our sleep state. That can be a scary thought, and we certainly don’t deserve to repeat something negative for hours longer, often waking up multiple times or even waking up overwhelmed by the day that has yet to begin or even worse, having trouble falling asleep to begin with.

With your purchase you receive:

  • Brain Retrain Recording (mp3 File)
  • Brain Retrain Information/Instructions (PDF File)
  • 30 Day Tracking Sheet (PDF File