Foundations Retrain – Anxiety Assistance


A 5-minute routine that establishes the foundation to assist with limiting the feelings of anxiety, feelings of overwhelment, while allowing you to confidently socialise more, enjoy being in public spaces, and try new experiences.


Our Anxiety Assistance Subconscious Brain Retrain recording has been proven to assist mental distress in public places and new environments. Allow yourself to confidently socialise, try new things and limit the feelings of anxiety, being overwhelmed, or experiencing that “tapped out” feeling. A subtle but powerful recording to assist with big feelings.

“This is so powerful, I am amazed something so simple could change my day to day life.” ~ Angie ~

Embrace this new routine as you fall asleep listening to affirmations and use the science of our Theta state to gently reprogram our limiting thoughts and habits towards progress!

With your purchase you receive:

  • Brain Retrain Recording (mp3 File)
  • Brain Retrain Information/Instructions (PDF File)
  • 30 Day Tracking Sheet (PDF File)