Foundations Retrain – Progress & Procrastination


A 5-minute routine that establishes the foundation we need to remove all procrastination and self-doubt leaving you to wake up fresh and ready to tackle the day and your goals in a peaceful state of mind. 


Want to remove all procrastination and self-doubt in you or your child’s minds and in only 5 minutes a day whilst we are falling asleep? 

95% of our current lives results are caused from our beliefs and are operating our days on a program we consistently feed it. A program we often don’t even know we are running. This is called our subconscious mind and our recordings reprogram your brain to the person who will embrace uncertainty, allowing you to adopt empowering new beliefs and just watch your environment change.

“Why are things so easy for me now, I feel lucky all the time!” ~ Kelly S ~

With your purchase you receive:

  • Brain Retrain Recording (mp3 File)
  • Brain Retrain Information/Instructions (PDF File)
  • 30 Day Tracking Sheet (PDF File